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Brush Tailed Possum jpg
Brush Tailed Possum jpg FAUNA

Brushed Tail Possum  DSC789 jpg
Brushed Tail Possum DSC789 jpg

P1030482 snag cavities by striped possum  brush turkey nest jpg
P1030482 snag cavities by striped possum brush turkey nest jpg cavity users can take residence The bark and wood chip pile at the base of the tree is used by other species including clouded salamanders snakes lizards and invertebrate prey In the center is a Rockingham candlenut tree Aleurites rockinghamensis in a semi deciduous forest near Wongabel northern Queensland Australia The cavities and wood chip pile were made

possum dscf1439 450 jpg
possum dscf1439 450 jpg and now there are regular battles for the prime site of the roller door and the housing shortage became so bad they can be found on shelves as well as in cardboard boxes I have supplied She decided the shelves and cupboard tops belonged to her Anything on them was cast off and everything is now stored on benches or inside the cupboards She is in disgrace because she or

brush tail possum jpg
brush tail possum jpg by raptors such as Wedge tailed Eagles or Hawks The eggs can also be predated on by Brush tailed possum which shares the sugar gum habitat Photo Above Brush tailed possum

possum img 4769cr 400 jpg
possum img 4769cr 400 jpg By the time this was taken she was comfortable with my presence but the last few months I have left her alone and she has gone back to running off when anyone is near

b possum jpg
b possum jpg

Possum Shaving Brush  465 white  3397 jpg
Possum Shaving Brush 465 white 3397 jpg Image Possum Shaving Brush © 2009 Spooled com au Uploaded June 5 2007

Opossum  by Jim Stevens
Opossum by Jim Stevens Price Image

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Brush-tailed Possum
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