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PrauthoySalon2 jpg
PrauthoySalon2 jpg Guests of Château de Prauthoy will find themselves drawn to this lovely Salon whether to meet with their traveling companions to have a conversation and plan their activities or to sit

PrauthoyParc jpg
PrauthoyParc jpg Everyone will appreciate the fine specimen trees that cover the estate of Château de Prauthoy The leafy landscape encourages strolls and exploration while providing the tranquility and

PrauthoyShadows jpg
PrauthoyShadows jpg Above ground as one wanders the estate the spacious lawns and interesting landscape are quite appealing Strolls in the gardens with views of the château as a backdrop provide the

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PrauthoyGardenPond jpg
PrauthoyGardenPond jpg Bucolic is probably the best word to describe this scene ~ the pond framed by boxwood hedges and a garden statue surrounded by fine woods and accented by the soft sunlight peeking through

PrauthoySalonNew jpg
PrauthoySalonNew jpg In a room bathed in sunlight one can enjoy the comfort and ambiance of château life Imagine yourself in this room in front of a warming fire on a cool evening or coming here after

PrauthoyPond jpg
PrauthoyPond jpg The Château is a backdrop for this lovely little pond ~ a water feature of the estate that creates a calm ambiance as guests roam the grounds

PrauthoySalleManger jpg
PrauthoySalleManger jpg The Château s dining room is typically French with fine paneling lovely long windows and an atomosphere conducive to quiet and delectable meals Dinner can be enjoyed here by guests of


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Prauthoy est une commune française, située dans le département de la Haute-Marne et la région Champagne-Ardenne. Ses habitants sont les Prauthoyens, surnommés les boïas.

Communauté de communes de Prauthoy en Montsaugeonnais (CCPM)
Site officiel. Informations sur léconomie, le tourisme, les compétences et les réalisations de la communauté de communes. Visite des 16 communes membres.

Château de Prauthoy - Chambres dhôtes et séjours de charme en ...
CHÂTEAU DE PRAUTHOY - Chambres dhôtes et séjours de charme ... Le Château de Prauthoy est fier davoir été remarqué par Le Figaro Magazine et de figurer parmi sa sélection des ...

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